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A  new political thriller


Nat Donaldson

" The conspiracy theorists Nirvana"

Available on e-book and paperback late summer

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The Pyongyang Treaty


The greatest threat to the world since Hitler is upon us. The North Korean Kim Dynasty is on a road to destruction, as Kim Jong-un's nuclear and missile program nears completion.

There's a new President is in the White House; his brinkmanship may lead to confrontation.

Can we prevent a nuclear war?

One hundred and thirty million babies are born into the world each year. Some will die in the minutes and hours after birth; Some will be born into conflict and poverty; Some will be born into comfort and opportunity.

Each one though, will have the potential to change the world in a positive or negative way. Circumstances, relationships, education, opportunities and support, will determine and create their character.

The Pyongyang Treaty is a story of the influences and challenges faced by six born on the 23rd of May 1982. Their growth and development, and ultimately how their paths cross in North Korea to deliver peace.

The six, born in Iran, Australia, China, USA, UK and South Africa. North Korea is the common thread that links them all.

Parisa, born in Iran, is a linguist who finds herself between two sons fighting for control. Kim Jong-nam and Kim Jong-un, try to influence her to support their differing strategies for North Korea.

Maya is an Australian aboriginal, born as one of the last of the lost generation. Luck and opportunity, has her become the most revered plastic surgeon in the world. Her influence and skill will shape the future of North Korea.

Kuang Gen is the second son born into a one child society. His father becomes one of the most powerful men in China, but the secret of his second son, threatens to destroy his family and his political career.

Joel Francis was born in Florida to a woman who died in childbirth. He becomes an IT genius, but his ADHD creates a diverse personality. Joel’s father would one day be in the White House. Joel’s irrational behaviour, will shape and influence his Presidency.

George Gray survived a boarding school education from the age of five to work for NASA. His father was destined to be Prime Minister of the UK. His relationship with Joel, sends shockwaves on both sides of the Atlantic.

James Laninga, was born into poverty in the Townships of Cape Town. Aids, discrimination and white supremacy destroyed his childhood, but he became the new Mandela, leading South Africa on the world stage. His negotiating influence on Kim Jun un is crucial, in the quest for peace.

Circumstances, and decisions made by them, will affect the world and the North Korean threat.

Parisa, Maya, Gen, Joel, George and James, are the arbiters of Armageddon.



   Present Day


The six decision makers sat around the debating table at Camp David. Prime Minister Kato of Japan, President Lin of the People’s Republic of China, President Lee of South Korea, President Khavari of Iran, and Marshall Kim of North Korea, had come to a consensus. President John Dallas, sat at the head of the forty-foot oak slab in Laurel Lodge.

America was once more the centre of the world.

“To-day gentlemen, we make history.” He smiled as the gaggle of five translating teams, whispered into the ears of the leaders.

“This is a victory for common sense. A victory, for not only our citizens and the South East Asia region, but a victory for the people of the world.”

The leaders present smiled and nodded.

“The path has been long and sometimes fractious, but each one of us present, has shown maturity by throwing politics and self-interest to the winds.”

“On a personal basis, I would like to thank you all, but I’m sure you’ll join with me, in thanking Kim Jun-un for his support in making this treaty a reality.”

John Dallas stood up and clapped.

One by one, each leader rose to his feet, and applauded the seated Kim Jun-un.

As the applause dissipated, John Dallas remained on his feet as the other leaders sat down.

“It really is a momentous day gentleman, and I’d ask you to follow me onto the lawn, to sign the Pyongyang Peace Treaty.”

The Pyongyang Treaty- "The conspiracy theorists nirvana."

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